Countertop Equipment

Countertop Equipment

Quality Countertop Cooking Equipment works well in both large and small kitchens. These units can be used in place of la...
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Countertop Equipment

Quality Countertop Cooking Equipment works well in both large and small kitchens. These units can be used in place of larger equipment when space is limited, or to add efficiency in a busy kitchen. Specialty cookers like sous vide, waffle irons, and panini grills allow chefs to offer popular menu items to diners.

Crepe/Waffle Griddles/Cone Bakers

Stainless steel constructions makes these units durable and long lasting, an removable iron and aluminum plates make them easy to clean. That's why Waffle and Crepe makers are so popular - in the kitchen and at the cook's station on the buffet. Make breakfast something to remember the whole day with one of these units.

Holding Drawers

Holding drawers keep food at the right temperature after it's finished cooking. With independent temperature controls, keep your meat, veggies, and bread at a safe temperature until ready to serve. Whether a single-drawer or multi-drawer unit, floor or countertop model, a food warmer drawer helps reduce waste and keep food tasting and appealing.

Hot Plates

Hot plates are available in 1, 2, or 4 burner styles, and come equipped with a range of settings so you can utilize them a variety of applications. They're great for keeping foods warm on buffets or outdoor events, or as an extra burner when there are lots of pots going at once. Available in gas or electric models.

Induction Ranges

Great for small spaces, mobile cooking, and busy kitchens, an Induction Range is an asset in any kitchen. The heavy duty ceramic glass top that is cool to the touch, makes these units safe to use in a variety of situations. Note: must be used with compatible cookware.

Microwave Ovens

Soften, cook and reheat food quickly in a commercial Microwave. Available in different wattage, and with a variety of options, there is a Microwave to suit any need; from a small office, to a convenience store, to a school.

Panini/Sandwich Grills

Panini Grills transform a simple sandwich into an artisan panini. These flatbread sandwiches have taken the sandwich world by storm, and a sandwich press allows you can create them in any kitchen. They are also great for burgers, chicken breast, quesadillas, anything you can cook on a griddle.

Portable Stoves

Portable butane stoves are ideal for outdoor events and omelet stations at a buffet, anywhere electricity is not available. These units feature a manual control knob for easy adjustment of heat output.

Rice Cookers

Specialty Ovens


Breakfast just wouldn't be the same without a perfectly toasted bagel or rye bread. Make sure your customers get perfect toast every time with a quality commercial toaster. Whether you want a traditional pop-up toaster or a new state of the art, high efficiency commercial conveyor toaster, we have one for every need.